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This page concerns private visitors.

If you are a professional, we can offer you our photos within the framework of copyrights transfer contracts, in the form of digital files (JPEG, TIF or EPS formats) please click « Pro area »

Order prints

The 25,000 photos on our various sites are available printed on professional-quality paper (45x30 cm or 30x20 cm format).

In order to meet our quality objectives, each printing will be issued on an uncompressed computer format and will be subject to adapted handling (horizontality, colorimetry, contrast, optimization of clarity, saturation, suppression of any flaws such as dust and sometimes slight cropping).

In order to process your order, all you need to do is visit one of our websites, view the photos, zoom in screen format the ones that interest you and click on the « Order » link to fill your basket.

Our prices (VAT included)

  • - 45x30 cm : 45€
  • - 30x20 cm : 30€
  • - Shipping charge (for the european community, contact us for the other countries) : 6.00€

Important notification : Digital files are only for professionals. We don’t sell them to the private visitors.

Photo quality

The photos you can see on this site do not really do justice to the original file quality. There are several reasons for this :
- the high compression (we have limited the size of our screen photos to approximately 100 Kb, giving a download time of 15 to 20 seconds with a 56 K modem).
- their limited scale (goes with file size). With the original files we can offer views 1.06 m wide...
- post-processing compromises linked to the quantity of photos to be processed (15 000).

To obtain a quality digital photo, you need to carry out post-processing from the original file. Given the number of photos taken, we have automated this work. : mist, cloud, atmospheric haze, morning light, full sun, evening light, changes in direction, sometimes with into-sun situations when we were photographing a particularly complex coastline, and the colours of the locations. We therefore had to compromise.

Following several try-outs, we selected a « reasonable » processing script, with middle-of-the-road rendition, in order to avoid chromatic aberrations and derivations.

Nevertheless, we would like to show you the real quality of a photo, obtained after specific processing.
Here are two examples :

Zoom / Focus / Details
The name of the lighthouse, "Saint Mathieu", appears on the enlargement, while it is not visible on the site photo (shot distance : approximately 1 kilometre).

Extract from site image(see image)

Extract from original file - optimised (horizontality, colour, focus)

You can download the photo (Maximum enlargement, size 1 metre) of the Pointe de Saint Mathieu. Approximately 2 minutes with ADSL or cable, or 30 minutes with a standard 56K modem. Download photo at maximum size

Calvi is taken into the sun. Nevertheless, the photo is totally usable.

Extract from site image (see image)

Extract from original file - optimised (horizontality, colour, focus)