Pascal Le Fichant


Pascal Le Fichant

Head hunter and head of the Recruitment Agency Première Ligne, Pascal is also a private pilot, mostly on Mooney. Pascal often flies to Brittany and he took his first aerial photographs while flying over the Pink Granite Coast. He was encouraged by his early results and decided to devote some of his spare time to this new activity. At this point he didn't know yet that he had got caught up in it. Late in 2002, he starts to imagine a project that is grandiose but at the same time clearly simple: photograph the entire French coastline at low altitude, with the purpose of then putting all the photos on the Internet. Six months of preparation were necessary to get everything organized. first sees the light of day in September 2003, after several months of shooting and image processing. The Internet site immediately saw a great success with the public and the media. A year later, the book « France: views from the sea », a selection of the 500 most beautiful photos chosen from the 16,000 taken, was published. In the meantime, (1200 aerial photos of beaches and historic places in Normandy) was put online on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the landing of the Allied forces. The book « Islands around France » was published in 2005. Pascal put 4 new websites online : one about the islands that surround France ( , one about the Channel Islands (, a portal site ( and started a new aviation photography activity (
There were no significant changes in 2006-2007. Nevertheless, the traffic didn’t give up growing and reached 3.6 millions visits and 38 millions pageviews in 2007.
After a two year break, because of the increase of his professional activity, Pascal gets back to photography by taking part in the most spectacular European airshows.
After the launch of 3 new websites and the upgrade of all the existing websites, 2009 is going to be an important year for the photographic activities of

  Press relations and editorial content

Pauline de Kergal

After she had her master degree in political sciences and in media, she joined Première Ligne in 2008, as Head of Research getting involved in the new websites development (Corsica, new version of Photo Aviation).
She participated in the writing of the editorial content, influenced global ergonomy and managed the image bank. She also organized and managed the schedules of the new development, the photo reportages (for air shows in UK, Nethelerlands, Switzerland) and handled press and partners relations.
Pauline is also managing the database about “human factors” and the weblogs.

Nathalie Porcher

She had a Master degree in economy and management of cultural products.
When she joined Première Ligne as Head of Research, she never thought that human resources would lead her to an activity that was closer to her initial training.
She spontaneously became involved in Pascal Le Fichant's projects. At first, she did historic, geographic and iconographic research on the Allied landings for the
Then she participated in the organization of photography missions. She handled partner and press relations.
She is also the author of the texts in the book devoted to the islands of France, works on the websites and manages the image bank. Finally, Nathalie has done everything … but flying the Mooney.


Martin Chavanaz

Since his younger days, Martin is very fond of aviation and dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot. He began his aeronautical career as a military flight controller in the French Air Force.
During his leasure time, he learned to fly and then became a flight instructor. After he quitted the Army, he became a professional pilot.
He is now a Boeing 737-800 co-pilot at Ryanair. He flew the Mooney in an important shooting mission above Brittany, a difficult to fly over place, because of the jagged coastline.

Jean-Philippe Charlannes

When he took part in the most beautiful trip for aerial photos, in Corsica, Jean-Philippe was 26 and had 700 hours flight time.
Professional pilot, he was flight instructor too and continues to teach piloting at a flying club in Saint Cyr l’Ecole, when his schedule allows.
In Corsica, he discovered the Mooney and immediately felt at ease with it, since the airplane responded perfectly to the precision and flexibility of his piloting.
He has shown his mettle through his rigor in management of navigations and his skill in flying in difficult conditions.
After waiting patiently at a ground post at Orly Airport, he passed the selective tests for Britair and was hired as a co-pilot on the CRJ 100 and the CRJ 700.

Louis Kervoaze

4x20 years old, still active as a professional pilot(!), more than 12,000 hours flight time (!!).
His experience as a pilot is in fact a huge section of the French aviation history. He enlisted in the army in 1945, left for Indochina on the aircraft carrier Arromanches in 1951 and then labored as a function of his assignments, in between instruction in Morocco and operational units in France(1F, 3F, ...).

In order to make Warbirds aficionados dream, he flew on (among others) the Tiger Moth, Me108-Nord 1000, Caudron Goeland, Harvard T6, Curtiss Helldiver, P39 Airacobra, Hellcat, Corsair, Spitfire, Supermarine Seafire and the Vampire. After the Army, he became a civil pilot. He is currently based in Brittany and, in his Cessna, still ensures that there are aerial photo missions and surveillance missions for fishing spots.
He is modes, as exceptional pilots often are, and offers a real moment of pleasure to those who accompany him.
He will fold up his wings when he's old, but one day, not right away.

Pascal Talguen

He was the first pilot, the one with whom the Francevuesurmer project began in 2003. He taught Pascal Le Fichant to fly in 1999.
Professional pilot and great educationalist (at 30 years old, he had already 4000 hours flight time, of which 3500 of instruction …), he was instructor in a club and at an international school in France and in Portugal, simu instructor in ATR, before joining an airline in Ireland and then in Asia. He worked as a pilot during the first two stages of Francevuesurmer and leaned on his sturdy pilot's luggage in order to improve the « photo performance » of the Mooney which had not been designed for this type of mission.
He alternated phases of slow flight, sometimes with drag and flaps down, with quick arrivals to the airports. And, most of all, he had fun with the airplane.
Today, Pascal is back to his Brittany origin: he is a co-pilot on the ATR in Airliner.

Pablo Sailer

He joined the team within the project. It was his last non-professional flight before joining Air France where he had just brilliantly passed the selection tests. Aged 23, professional pilot, 850 hours flight time when he has flown with us, he is a Civil Aviation Engineer (ENAC) , the best trump card to help him embrace a career in aeronautics.
But more than anything, he is passionate about flying who completed all of his practical apprenticeship at the flying club.
Today he is a co-pilot on the Airbus A320.

Franck Urgon

Franck comes from ultra light aircraft. He has been living in Reunion Island for two years, where he was an ULA and 3 axle instructor.
Before flying with us, he had his first experiences with taking photographs of aerial views, specifically Reunion where he accompanied TV teams and photographers. He piloted the airplane during the last two stages of Francevuesurmer then above the Channel Islands. He had the opportunity to become a corporate jet pilot on Cessna Citation.
With more than 4000 hours flight time, he has just joined Britair as a copilot on the CRJ.

Jimmy Vaillant

Like many young pilots, he began his aeronautical career with instruction in the North of France. He spent 700 hours teaching navigation and manoeuvres in an aerodrome traffic circuit to beginners who could appreciate his patience and his sense of security. In addition, he also has 100 hours of dropping parachutists, which is a very specific exercise consisting of « climbing trees » suspended from the propeller of a Pilatus PC6 and, once relieved of his passengers, to re-descend and land after a nearly vertical dive.
He flew in Dante-esque conditions in Brittany (gusts of more than 35 knots) for a TV report.
Since 2005, Jimmy has joined an airline: after being a co-pilot on a Beech 200 for Océan Airlines, he is today copilot on Britair.

  Web développeurs

We met many developers for designing our websites. Some of them had a big influence on the projects. During his two months and a half summer job with us, Olivier made the websites deeply improve, on both technical and design aspects.
Olivier, IT graduate, put all his energy, technical skills and seriousness into creating three new websites: and
He also updated pre-existing websites, modernizing their ergonomics and surfing fluidity, and creating an administration system in order to turn the websites easily upgradeable.
Olivier dedicates most part of his free time as a volunteer for the Red-Cross.

Stéphane Chaillon

In 2003, he spent the summer months concepting and producing all the technical and functional bases for Francevuesurmer which were then to be re-used on the following sites. In particular, he introduced very specific functionalities (integration of metadata, geo-positioning of images using their GPS coordinates, database management) which gave the sites a user-friendliness and simplicity of use that were really remarkable. He truly behaved like a Project Manager, gave proof of a real technical know-how and took astute initiatives.
After a Master in Information Science, he entered the professional life and work today as a JAVA developer.

Matthieu Bouthors

He realized his summer internship with us in 2005, when he was 2nd year student at the Institut d’Informatique d’Entreprise, an engineering school located in Evry. He redefined the overall architecture of completed and upcoming sites (creation of the portal, inter sites links, referencing). He also created sites on the French and Channel islands ( and Matthieu is greatly interested in new technologies, and has made improvements to existing developments and brought in new technical solutions.
He is, in particular, associated with optimizing the user friendliness of the sites and their interactions. In spite of his youth, he is able to work with great independence and has convincingly proven himself able to achieve the objective set for him: his sites have exceeded one million visitors in 2005.
After his engineering degree, he started working as an IT project leader.

Benoît Morin

Networks and Telecommunications Engineer.
Benoit is both an engineer and a musician (Tenor sax) , and developed the Dday04 site, well as its functions and its design. He then updated the Francevuesurmer. He is beginning his professional career and is looking for a way to combine his passion for music with his knowledge of multimedia.